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Roof Inspection Services

Roof Inspections

A reliable roof is essential for any home or business. Roofs provide protection, structural integrity and an attractive appearance. Over time, your roof’s condition can deteriorate due to storms, age, animal activity, clogged gutters and other factors. A damaged roof puts your property at risk.

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If you suspect damage to your roof, contact Roof RX for professional roof inspection services. We’re a trusted Florida roofing company with years of experience. We service numerous types of roofs, including metal, tile, shingle, rubber and more.

Our expert technicians know all the visible and invisible signs of roof damage. We’ll catch problems before they develop into costly issues to save you time, money and stress.

Commercial Roof Inspection

Keeping your building’s roof in top condition is crucial to your business operations. Regular roof inspections can help you avoid costly downtime and repairs.

At Roof RX, we perform commercial roof inspections to locate damage and potential problem areas. After we complete our visual assessment, you’ll receive a comprehensive report detailing our findings. We’ll describe your roof’s condition and alert you to any leak locations, vegetation growth, cracks or other issues that may affect your roof’s efficiency.

Commercial roofs are constructed differently than residential roofs. At Roof RX, we have extensive experience with commercial roofing. You can trust our technicians to accurately identify and diagnose commercial roof issues and present you with the most viable solutions.

Residential Roof Inspection

Your home’s roof protects you and your family from the elements. Its condition also affects your property’s value and curb appeal. At Roof RX, we provide residential roof inspections to preserve your roof, extend its lifespan and avoid the need for expensive repairs.

If you notice any mold or moss growth, missing shingles or dark ceiling spots, these are telltale signs of roof damage. Contact us for an inspection, and we’ll quickly diagnose the problem. We’ll also provide a detailed report with our recommendations for resolving the issue.

Even if you don’t notice any visible signs of damage, you can gain peace of mind from our roof inspection services. Our expert technicians know what to look for and we’ll identify problems you may have missed.

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    Storm Damage Inspections

    Severe Florida weather, like heavy rains and high winds, can wreak havoc on your residential or commercial roof, causing cracks and sagging that lead to leaks. After a storm, contact Roof RX for a thorough roof inspection. We’ll diagnose any problems, perform immediate repairs and recommend the best long-term solutions for your roof.

    What Makes Roof RX a Top Roof Inspection Contractor in Florida?

    At Roof RX, we go above and beyond to provide dependable, efficient roofing services to everyone in our Florida service area. When you schedule an inspection with us, you can expect:

    • Accurate diagnoses and estimates.
    • Friendly, knowledgeable technicians.
    • Exceptional customer service.

    If your roof needs repairs or replacement, you can count on us to get the job done right. We use high-quality materials and expert techniques to ensure long-lasting results.

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    Areas We Serve for Roof Inspection Services

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