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Roof Repair in Fort Myers, FL

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If you’re lucky, you haven’t spent much time thinking about rooftop issues in your Fort Myers home or business. But when storm season comes along, you must ensure your roof is ready to stand strong against inclement weather, especially in Florida.

Roof RX is your local roof preparation and repair team. We can take a look at your roof before the next big storm or fix any issues that may pop up after.

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Commercial & Residential Roof Repair in Fort Myers

Living and working in Fort Myers is the perfect way to turn every day into a vacation. But if you live here long term, it’s worth inspecting your shelter, which protects you, your family and your livelihood in times of trouble. You should make sure your roof is in top shape at least once a year to handle anything that comes up. One call to Roof RX, and we’ll give you one less thing to think about.

A damaged roof can quickly become a concern for your building’s safety and a catalyst for even more roof-related issues. Our Fort Myers team is ready to take on any roof leak repairs and handle any other damage. We know it’s a race against time to restore your property’s integrity before weather, falling debris or even animals make anything worse, so when you call, we’ll be on our way.

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    Types of Roofing We Repair in Fort Myers

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    Asphalt shingles are the most common roofing material in the country — and for good reason. They’re affordable and do not require much maintenance from property owners. Plus, they come in a range of colors and styles, allowing you to customize your roof to fit your home’s aesthetic. Asphalt shingles are easy to cut and replace, so we can complete fast and efficient repairs.


    Tile shingles are usually constructed from clay or concrete, offering a durable material to protect and enhance a home. These shingles are particularly well-known for their energy efficiency contribution. The natural ventilation in their construction allows hot air to escape through the roof, keeping the interior cool and comfortable during the height of the summer months.


    Unlike other roof types, metal roofs don’t involve shingles. Instead, they’re a mostly flat surface made from long sheets of metal. This characteristic makes them much easier to maintain, but when they need fixing, it’s best to call in an expert in metal roof repair. Metal roofs are also extremely fire resistant and durable, offering a long life span.

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    Whether you’re repairing the old or building something entirely new, let Roof RX be your roofing professional. We deliver strength and security to Fort Myers and Florida residents everywhere through our extensive roof knowledge and years of on-the-job experience. Get in touch with us today and let us show you our passion.

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